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But this game is awesome!

I don't like you.

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Thanks. Good game but how do you feel knowing I hate you now, Mr. Johan Peitz?


You’re not the only one who felt that after playing this. :o 

It's perfect. I guess it means the experiment works as intended, so you should do it more times.

Freaking brilliant.   Thanks for making this!

You’re welcome. :)




I don't know what possessed you to make this game, but well done.

Lol, thanks. 

It’s a remake of an old flash game I made for LD ages ago. 

I don't get this, and I'm pretty sure you cant


You can! You just need to use a very specific key. 

Couldn't figure it out. Tried three times, I swear I tried every key... am I missing something?


If you didn't figure it out, you didn't try every key.


Is there actually a key that works?

Yes. There is a key that you have to use to open the door. 

Is this key one of the ones that falls from the ceiling?


This comment made me realize how to open the door :)

How did you do it?

Deleted 1 year ago

I can't help but feel that there is no solution and it was made just to torment me

It is meant to torment you. But there is a solution. 

Just need to use the correct key. 

cool experiment!