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not sure if the ball is blending in with the ocean or the ocean got it but since its the last pixel it didnt(edit) it was blending in

I returned after 20 millennia and scored a 25


Very good result!

Pretty atmospheric game. A bit perplexed about some of the game design choices though.

Why is par for every course set one lower than they should be? I feel like every par 3 should've been a par 4, and every par 4 a par 5. And par 2!?

As for the driving and putting mechanics, they're quite interesting; seeing how distance affects accuracy. Although, I wish you had more control over this, like a meter for driving that allowed you to shoot closer to the center, so some skill was involved here whilst still having a risk of less accuracy. As for putting, the meter moves way too fast! I actually missed tap ins because the meter is only in the 5-10% range for like 2 frames. Otherwise, I like the idea of the meter ramping up speed as it goes up, then slows back down on the return; it keeps the "farther is harder" idea of the driving mechanic, but the starting speed is simply too high.

Lastly, why is water treated as OB instead of a penalty area? (Note: I didn't say "water hazard" as apparently that's not the proper term anymore.) Shouldn't the ball be placed back on land close to the water instead of at the previous lie?

I must add that I did enjoy myself, especially with the player's ability to mess up the course and sink golf carts. I just felt some elements were too random-based.

I've never really found a game I considered relaxing until this one...

The putting bar mechanic is really clever (long putts are harder), and so is the driving mechanic (far shots are less accurate).

happy to hear you enjoyed it!

Did anyone notice the blood near the red house in the top left corner?

take a picture of it

cute and fun! kinda disappointed that I didn't get a reaction for destroying the place though :/

I lovee the golf carts 🚙

This game is awsome!

glad you like it. Great scores too!


I got a 27!

I'm gonna play again to see if I can do better!

I scored a 34 on my first try! (I'm a golfer irl)

This game rules

Very fun, but it needs an "18-hole game" option. Also, a putt-putt golf version would be fun.

While I think the par is a little... liberal, I had a lot of fun!  got a 37 on my first try.  


Hi there! Fantastic game. I’m with Devoke Studio and we’re interested in your game. Do you have an email address we could contact you on? Thanks, Sarah :)

Hi Sarah,

send me a DM on twitter .


Thanks Johan! Shall do :)

Beautiful game, loved it

Wow, love it! the use of Pico is fun to see.

Keep calm and play golf on Pico-8 cart :)

This is so genius. It's so simple and so captivating and just too clever! Great work, I love it!


This was very nice and fun! I would definitely play this again!


Excellent game. Ran into a runtime error on hole 6(?) running around on the fairway. Very fun nonetheless!


I don't understand why this is so good but I love it, great job!


Got 28!

Also, at the top left corner is helipad if you hadn't noticed ;)

ALSO, if you press 'd' you get the debugging output (maybe this is feature of pico 8 idk).

Anyways, great job! I loved the fact that you could hit your cart with the ball, and the fact that you can destroy the flag and the hole poster.


suprised that the blue shirt guy didnt bully me for: shoving every cart into the starting wall, breaking everything that could be broken, glitching into the trees and creating skidmarks in a shape on his parking lot. fun tho


Fun game! Got 33 on my first try.
I think putting the ball when it is on the green is a bit too hard. Also it could use some kind of a map because sometimes you could just guess where the hole is.

hey man, nice fun quick games! got 34 in my best, here's my video playin' it:


this was a wonderful little golf game that was very chill and surprisingly fun.

thanks for sharing!

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i got 69 on accident... wow im such a meme


how cozy! I love the feeling of being able to do anything I want, and get around to golfing only if I feel like it

Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is really nice and fun.

-I like how you managed to fit a very clear visual style on such a small screen space, and also I love how amazing the game looks ^^

-The game play mechanics are a little bit hard to get into, I would have added like a Tutorial/practice hole before getting into the rest of the holes.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



This was heaps of fun to play! Relaxing and low stakes.


fun little game. i got a 30

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i got 69 fr


I really like this game! I think the putting is a bit too fast, though.


I like art of game, all pixel. ^-^

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love it!! i got 34 (:

FYI there is a bug that sometimes golf carts will make engine noise when they are idles, anh no noise when driving! 0: my solution is to crash them in the lake when that happens xD otherwise there is a a constant noise no matter where i go hehe.

this game is so fun and pretty!!^.^
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i got 69 fr


just incredible


31 this time. I think I'd like to see it as a multiplayer game (like those famous .io games) but it could ruin the charm.

A time-based mode, level editor, and even cart racing would be cool.

I dunno, I love it the way it is! ⛳

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What a great and funny game! Is there any way to download it? I'd like to keep it in my collection of indie games. :)

The most legit way to get it is to buy the Pico8 console and download it that way. You can also look at the source code.

Love it. Even better when I found out I can break the flag with my cart. Good job (:

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