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hi, i'm a bit new to this but your game looks great so, is it a stand alone game or do i need to buy and install this pico-8 thingy first please

No need to own pico-8. Totally stand-alone!


Just beat this on steam, great game. Really impressive work given the pico 8 restrictions. I love all of the little VFX when you do things like dash, ground-pound, jump, etc. The game oozes polish.

Also loved the level design. I really appreciated how nonlinear the ‘collect 3 orbs’ section felt, though I can’t actually remember if there was an explicit ordering to it based on powerups. Maybe it had ‘nonlinear vibes’ haha! Nice job, your pico 8 games are always an inspiration.

Thank you for your kind words!


Just completed this little gem. Absolutely brilliant. Got that Shovel Knight/Zelda/Metroidvania feel perfectly. 

glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback!

Gonna buy it for my dad's birthday. He's really into platformers so seems like he would enjoy this.

awesome! Let me know what he thinks!

This is fantastic! I'm super super stuck after hearing about needing 3 orbs to unlock a gate, hoping to get past this next section.. How long is the game currently?

probably around an hour the first time? You can probably speedrun it in 15mins though 

glad you like it!

I want to purchase this but before I do, may I ask how long does it take to beat the game? :)

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not working on FAKE-08 :(. can you provide a split on multiple carts, maybe it will work?

That is unfortunately a known issue with FAKE-08 that it is unable to handle some of the latest pico-8 features (or how developers use them). The only thing that is minified is the code so splitting it unto several carts won't help as fake-08 will have the same issues. 

check retrogamecorps video on yt about native pico8 on miyoo mini plus. maybe u can apply this to other handhelds as well?

I would like to buy it very much but I can't :(

wow id buy it and TAS it

please do! There’s been some speed running discussions on twitter already!

Hello, this might be an odd question, but do you have a public email that I can contact you with?


fantastic game, won it from a giveaway done by pico-8 gamer

no criticisms here, except maybe the final boss was a tad long, super fun throughout, very short n' sweet

Awesome game!

Thank you! 


Hey man if you interested to build a game like this for blockchain please connect with me on twitter @volkank05792491


no thank you 😊 

Just purchased it! I can't wait to play it!

Woop woop - enjoy!

Nice little game. Unfortunately I didn't end up beating it because (I believe) I got softlocked. The room featured in the second gif has the left entrance blocked (and I am to the left of it). I believe this happened because in a later room I was inside of a toggle block as it toggled, and it clipped me through the floor.

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Thanks! If you go back to the beginning (third room?) there is a blue crystal you can hit which should toggle the blocks back.

I see, thanks! Since the one in the orb gate room didn't seem to be global I assumed the rest weren't either.

Looks like a dope platformer!

Thanks, I believe it is! 

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[Playthrough removed]

I assumed I couldn't get through the vertical green room due to the mud (and needed something for it), so I spent what felt like 15 minutes seeing if there was some jumping technique to reach a switch that eventually needed the boomerang.


hey! Thanks, it was enlightening to watch! Can I ask you to remove the video? I’d rather not have full play thoughts on this page. Thanks!

Just finished playing your game and thought it was very good it's the best  PICO-8 metrodavania I have played and believe and have played plenty. I'm trying to make a metrodavania myself in PICO-8 and I was wondering how were you able to use the entire spritesheet and mapsheet because for me if I fill up the entire spritesheet  it  also fills up half the mapsheet. If you could respond that would be very helpfull and I'd be forever thankfull.

Glad you enjoyed it! 

I wore a custom map editor to the game that uses compression routines to pack map data at approx 3x. When playing the data is unpacked to ram and used as the map

very nice!!!

A classic MetroidVania with cute graphics and a good level design.
I was hoping that the final boss was a bit more challenging, but for the rest everything was great. BTW It was really a pleasure play it.

glad you enjoyed it!

Did you find all 8 hearts?

8?? I have only five hearts! Wow, a new reason to replay the game :D

can i ask how long it took to make


Of course - but my answer won't be very precise as I took some breaks during parts of the development.  :)
All in all my guess is something between 6 and 10 weeks perhaps?

Excellent work! Great progression through backtracking familiar environments with new skills.


Thanks you so much Ben! Happy to hear the level design is paying off!


This looks adorable! <3

Thanks you!