Created for the Pico-8 Advent Calendar 2018.

Alpine Alpaca

Hit the slopes and score as many gates as you can. Use your cards to steer and build your deck as you go!

⬆️⬇️ ⬅️➡️ choose card
❎ use card

That's all there is to it really! Every third gate you pass you can add cards to your deck with various effects. Maybe speed up and get more points? Or even dare to use the jump card? Experiment with cards and obstacles to get the most points.

Good luck!


Design/Art/Code: Johan Peitz (@johanpeitz)
Music/Sound: Chris Donnelly (@gruber_music)

Special thanks:
Intro Graphic: Eli Piilonen  (@2DArray)
Art tips: Ilija Melentijević  (@iLkKke)

About Pico-8 Advent Calender:

During December, each day will be filled with new and exciting PICO-8 games! We have gathered 25 great developers from the PICO-8 community and we have worked hard to make some new games. Each day leading up to Christmas, there will be a new surprise for you!

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A top-5 PICO-8 game for me without even thinking about it!

(3 edits)

I used the obstacle jumper but didn't jump the 2nd obstacle, it felt a bit unfair ;(
Anyway, I like the sound design and the progression system :) 
The game is a bit of a gambling game since you get random pieces which is a bit strange in a game that asks you to be strategic, but hey that's Xcom bab- oh wait wrong game xD


Great game, interesting navigation mechanic. Two questions: how does it decide which obstacle hits are and aren't wipeouts and how doesit decide which way you bounce off an obstacle?


Glad you like it!

Trees and big boulders kill you. 

Flags bounce you into the gate. 

Rubble bounces you to the right and tree stumps to the left. There’s a little arrow in the snow next to them. :)


heckin fun lil game <3

Very cool game, amazing art, five stars for sure! :)

Thanks! Happy to hear you enjoyed it!

Amazing work, the core mechanic is great, the art style and the sound are pretty well done!!

Thanks Lucas, glad to hear you enjoyed it!

So much fun to play. Love the art style, game play and brilliant use of deck mechanic. The gameplay is perfectly suited for mobile. You really should considering bring it to the app markets!! I'd totally buy if it was on there  : )

Hey, thank you so much for the very kind feedback. thrilled to hear you like it so much. No plans to do anything more with it atm, but who knows what the future brings. 

Extremely fun and polished, very fun to replay!

Thanks! Glad to hear you like it!

Made a video



Very fun!

this i really cool

Thanks! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!