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5.52  8/8 I am so happyyyyyyy

well done!

thanks you

very nice. it works well.

Please give me the .p8 file

love it

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I got it with 6:27 with 8 spirits. Not to brag, but…


Nice game! But it took me 25:19 to pass the level...


I can't believe this was made on such a tiny console with such a tiny resolution in such a short period of time. This is insane. Please do tell how many hours you spent on it??

Everything from the dialog boxes, to the level deign, to the powers, it's a feet of something that's minimalist but has a lot of depth.


it’s an estimate but somewhere btw 20-30 hrs?


Is the game going to get a download for iOS and android?

not planned at the moment

ok! Love it if you do tho. Thx!

ok now ive found 6. 


update! Found all of them!


good job! 



does anyone know where the other 3 spirits are? I've only found 5.


Great pace and story, really enjoyed this game-

nice game

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Its a great game! Love it! Wish that the gravity control had its own button. Found myself mashing O and it messed with the game a bit, so don’t mash. The game is really small, and i would of liked the ending to be the guy to fly off in his fixed spaceship, but that said, i really liked the game, and my final time was 7:34. 


I like it. It's crazy how much can be conveyed with very few pixels.

pretty cool little gq;e/ i like the color ramp on the leavs and the fade when dying. simple but fun platforming. The track is also pretty nice!

I see some Cavernas in there! I’m working on tranquil tunnels, and I’m seeing some tiles in the game that would be amazing to include in there for the community to use.

Would you be willing to release the beautiful tileset used under CC0 or CC-BY?


This has to be my favorite PICO-8 game so far! Fantastic work, as always! I enjoyed the puzzles, built-in mini tutorials after each power-up, and the smoothness of the game mechanics. Fun story combined with beautiful low-res sprites made this a delight to play!


Thanks Matt, appreciate it!


This is a bite-sized metroidvania. It felt amazing to play! I loved every second of it!


It was good. In a couple of moments I got lost and could not find a new way, but it was interesting.

Very neat little game! I couldn't find the last spirit though, the game became a bit of a maze after a while :) Also I reckon this is very hard for inexperienced gamers

If you’re having a hard time, in my experience, the mobile controls or a controller is easier than pc controls. The map is small, but has hidden parts that I haven’t found yet. Great experience overall. 

This is a great game. I like it!




great game

I got the vine control and now I have no idea where to go

Have you been in the desert?

I already found the way, I just didn't realize that diving cancels fall damage.

That one is a bit unintuitive but I guess it also makes sense because it alters the way you fall.

This is one of the best mini Metroidvanias I’ve played. It has such great pixel art, perfect level design, fun original upgrades, and an interesting story. Perfect except.. too short :( I hope you will make a fuller version! This gives environmental station alpha a serious run for its money (I like it more)

Thanks for the kind words! I've kind of maxed out the possibilities for this within pico8, so maybe in the future!

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great game, would like to see more of this

I've gotten all the powers, how do I end the game

you gotta find core

Search near the first upgrade 

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Loved it!  It's so awesome to accidentally come across a game by an Allegro legend.

Edit: 5:49 with 8/8 is the best I could do for now


Good old times, eh? Glad you liked the game!

For sure.  I hope you've been doing well Johan.

ive only found 6 at 7:34. 

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Beautiful little experience. Well done.


Very very good


i really enjoyed this game and started speedrunning it, but i noticed the timer is very inaccurate? i beat the game with a 3:16 in-game time, and in real time it was 3:57. but on another run i beat the game slower in real time, but got a 3:10 in-game time. i highly doubt you'd want to come back to this game and update it again, but i really like the game and think the speedrun is very fun. but right now the in-game timer is just not very useful for determining the run's time unfortunately


I understood nothing but it's a good metroidvania

amazing game and love that it teaches you how

 the game works


Wow, amazing game! Well done! Got swept away from the start. Enjoyed every minute. Amazing how much that can told and experienced with so little. Hats off!


I would love to see this ported to PlayDate


Nice Hulk Game Hulk/10

Absolutely love this game!


Masterpiece. Welldone


Games made on Pico8 always amaze me because of the huge restrictions they have but they can still create quite atmospheric scenes.

As for the controls, it feels quite good, it's just to get used to the grips and when to lunge, but the save point system means that even mistakes don't cost too much, which is fine for a short experience like this.

Without a doubt, it is a curious metroidvania in which we have to explore and understand what the abilities we receive are while our character stops being more and more human to save what is left of that destroyed world.

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