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figured out how to get out of bounds (: hehe


Nice one!


Beautiful, short (in a good way), fun.



Nice map design and game loop from power up to power up. Not once did I end up roaming around without knowing where to go next. Was a fun 10 minute run. Well done.


really fun over all! although their are some points at the edge of the map where it's not clear you are about to fall into nothing, and their are some jumps that seem a bit too unfair (that i had to come into these comments to find out the right way to do)

Can it work on analogue pocket?

No idea! Does the analogue pocket run pico8?

Only complaint is that the green gates looked a little bit too much like the other vegetation. But it's a game jam so totally forgivable.

Missed one

Really awesome!

Top notch look and feel. So polished!

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How do I cross this? I tried jumping, then dashing, but I always fell flat.
If there's gonna be an update, will you please add another pillar thing?

EDIT: I 100% completed the game!

this jump turned out a bit too hard. Will be fixed in an update. In the meantime, jump and directly press dash and you should make it

Have you already updated the game? if not I've found that dashing THEN jumping works really well

 Not gonna update until after the jam for fairness sake. :)

You dastardly dev, I tried several times and fell flat until I thought of celeste downwards dash, and was unpleasantly surprised it works. Immediately gave me farewell PTSD in which I still haven't completed the very last  room to this day. Very good game though, I enjoyed it.

exquisite as usual - well done!

Took me too long to beat it, but an otherwise lovely game!


Can you release a .png for those of us that use the Pico-8 program?


Yes! Once the jam voting is over I will release a post-jam version on the bbs. 

Wonderful metroidvania!  I loved the carefully crafted level design and how each ability felt like a fun surprise.  The rich environments were great too.

I liked the little bits of story sprinkled throughout but I was a little confused about what happened at the end of the game.

Good game. Loved the visuals of each area.

Nice little game :) 

Finally beat it!

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Wow, this is such a great little metroidvania. Fun gameplay, awesome visuals. Good work!

Bravo! It's just enough exploration and upgrading to be enjoyable without being frustrating. When I wasn't sure what to do next I just went back through old areas until I found a path unlocked by an upgrade. You packed a lot of character into the tiles, even including different biomes (the last was a surprise). The music and sound are top-notch too. I would have liked just a bit more story after the ending, to know the fate of our protagonist.

I feel like the ending area should have more checkpoints, but otherwise, grate game.

Made a video

Very interesting game indeed.

Maybe extending the game a bit longer with 1 or 2 more upgrades would be possible, or not?


Great game.

I took some time to realize I can press dash and jump at the same time (instead of jumping and then pressing dash).

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what to do after dash ability

edit: nvm i found out, but it's so difficult, literally a frame-and-pixel perfect input

How do you get the dash?

you have to find it after some platforming stuff

watch a walkthru or smth

Really well done, thanks for making Ascent! So much atmosphere and character in 64x64.

I got the vines, hand and  jump control upgrades now I'm stuck

Go to the big drop all the way to the left. Use the drop power so you don’t die from the fall. 

Good luck!


thanks lol

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I can't get up in the glass/ice area (where ther is boundary missing on the right) and i can't get out of this area through the ledges and spikes area. Can someone help please? i have strong hands, dash down, dash forward and vines upgrades. Is there some mechanic i am missing?

edit: i also have the ledges upgrade.

You have everything you need. Probably need to time your jumps better. Jump and then quickly press X (dash) and you sh out of get plenty of distance into the jump

i was missing information that Chris Zerotani provided. That i can pres jump amd dash simultaneously. I was trying to dash at the highest point of a jump, which is less effective than dash+jump simultaneously.

I had this same issue

x and z aren't working. can you help me

That's odd! Can you try another browser?

Very atmospheric, love it!


I really like this little Metroidvania, it's incredible that is so polished with this limitation!

This is great. Good story. Very fun platformer. Nice work!


How tf did you do that though

Use Dash as soon as you jump, the timing must be right, though


bug report: you can go over the level in this section

Web export doesn't play well with Macs :/ any chance I could get the p8 cartridge so I can play it?

I played with my Macbook Air 2017 on Opera GX and I haven't any issue

There's an annoying issue with the pico webplayer on OSX where the z key brings up the accent menu:

I finished it.

It was cool but I missed 1 orb.

I guess I shall try it later.

Fun game, great art. I am still stuck trying to reach a jump-dash point at the bottom.

I am playing from the phone.

Good work

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Very nice little game! It took me a bit to figure out some of the upgrades' secondary abilities (being able to survive long falls with the jump and dashing through slimes) but the world was a lot of fun to explore and the story was simple but effective. I hope you'll consider putting up a downloadable version in the future! It would be cool to be able to play it offline.

downloads now available!



Fantastic Metroidvania. Easily my favorite pico8 so far this year.

I did have a little frustration with the jump powerup as I would sometimes jump and end up plummeting downwards, but maybe that was just me flailing.

The final stage it would have been nice to have some boundaries on the far right as I walked off of there a couple of times. 

Great job and thanks!

Happy to hear you liked it and thanks for the feedback!

It's beautiful and playable.

My favorite pico8 game of 2022.

Thanks a bunch!


I really liked the game.
A wonderful mix of graphics, music and gameplay :)


Thank you for the kind words! Glad to hear you enjoyed the game

this is great but im totally stuck after getting the vine upgrade ... checked all round the map and can only find 1 area to access with it and thats just a blue orb - any hints what to do ?

Thanks! Try dropping down left of the crash site. 

nevermind i got it !

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