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Fun game but the main problem is that I often have to drop down without being able to see the floor

Nevermind I didn't realize you could drop ropes down



Holy shit. This is such a really cool and super faithful recreation of Spelunky for how watered down it looks. Results greatly exceed expectations, this this is amazing.


any possibility of window/desktop version?


Review #001

Delunky is a demake of the game Spelunky. The execution, mechanics and aesthetic style are amazing especially as this was made during a game jam. There were some bugs I have noticed while playing this game.

  1. Taking any item which has a data value inside it (like pots and loot crates) through the doors allows the player to break them infinitely, which means infinite coins, spiders, bombs and ropes, you know the rest.
  2. If you hold the left or right arrow, walk and simultaneously climb a ladder and jump off will allow you to jump mid-air once as long as you don't touch the floor.
  3. While falling, sometimes you or an entity (especially spiders) might fall through some tiles.
  4. You can avoid any fall damage if you manage to grab a ledge of a tile.
  5. Sometimes the game says "OUT OF MEMORY", and the cartridge stops working entirely.

Overall, the mechanics are the things that surprised me the most. Using the rope while holding the down arrow will make the rope go down instead of up. 

The game is very fun, I don't even know how many hours I have in this game at this point, but I would highly suggest it as a time killing game. 8.5/10


catching a ledge is a mechanic from the actual game

4. You can avoid any fall damage if you manage to grab a ledge of a tile.

That's not a bug, that's an intended feature from Spelunky.

Okay, I think I know why a lot of the bugs exist, but it'll take some explaining:

1. This has been fixed.

2. First off, the wording of this is very hard to understand, so here it is summarized: When you walk off a ladder, you can still jump mid-air.

Second, this is because climbing a ladder doesn't remove your ability to jump.

3. There was no protection put in place for when you go above a certain speed. This also means that if you get enough horizontal speed, you can clip though walls.

4. This is intended.

5. PICO-8 has a set limit to how much memory can be in one variable, and if a level tries to add too many objects (not blocks) to the level, it crashes.

can u make this a windows/mac/linux game pls so that i don't have to open my browser to play this

Not really. You need the interpreter to run it, which doesn't come with the cartridge. You have to have the PICO-8 software to run it, which costs 15 dollars.

Do you think you'll ever make a sequel (please at least optional same controls -- I'm on a keyboard the old fashion way)? I'm still awfully addicted to this and would love new set ups.

hmmm yes


is this rare

There seems to be a resource leak somewhere...

Deleted 1 year ago


Agreed   Been wanting to make a new version but never found the time


I also (accidentally) managed to make this happen by throwing a container holding a snake near the wall. 




I think I need to get away from this computer....

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What's your most ridiculous death? I threw a rock and it triggered a dart trap killing me :)

(More antics) You expect me to fall for/on that? 

This is fine

I tried to throw a dart at a spider on a ledge and it ricocheted off and landed on me. Then the spider also landed on me.

what do the damsels do?


Bring them (alive) to the exit in exchange for health!

how? i cant well bring them! i press x and z!

Press the down key.



Cool game!

I just got a message that says "OUT OF MEMORY"

What does that mean?


It probably means I messed something up. 


Please source code :)

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I'm addicted to this game. Did you ever end up making like a downloadable version? I play this enough I would pay for it. Would love to have a level counter somewhere so I could tell where I am. Also the score starts counting backwards at 32500


I'm ashamed to admit it but now I've gotten to level 30 and my score has gone to 32750 to 0 and then back to 30000 again. I should probably look into rehab at this point.


Have you tried the original Spelunky? It's free on


Nothing was ever heard from boudicea again...


Sorry. It took me this long to climb back up.  I have no tried the original and I shall go check it out. Thanks

Woah this is amazing!

Thanks! 🙏🏻

This is my record score so far:

  • Depth: 7
  • Gold: 4550
  • Kills 29

The dang arrow got me!


Just made another record... maxed out at 5 hearts. Those damsels are hard to get!


Wow, I don't think I got deeper than 4. :) I tested the game at depth 10 a few times, but the performance is dragged down due to all entities. :D

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Managed to get a new record for most supplies: 8 bombs and 5 ropes.

New high on gold 5/4750/17/2/2

There was a glitch that there was a hole in the dge of the map, and I fell through it. Man.. and just before the gold skull!!!


Sorry about that! :) The borders of the map is just regular tiles so you can easily get out!

Oh, by the way - I would like to point I noticed that the spikes become bloodied when the boulder runs over them. That wasn't intended, right? I'm loving the game!


Hey, nice catch! The behaviour for the spikes is probably to turn bloody as soon as anything hits them, and they don't care what. :)Glad you like it!


As a huge fan of spelunky I love it. 5/5*.  Only found one bug when spider fell from height through blocks.


Many thanks! Yeah, I don't think I got around to set a max speed for anything really. The same thing probably happens with anything in the game. :o


could we get a two player option too i love this game and would like to play it with a friend


sorry. Out of space!


Shame. but great game


Hey! Played a bit of this on my channel! :D

Cool stuff! Obvious now that some bits are way too hard! :D Sorry!

Haha, I usually don't do much better in regular Spelunky, so I wouldn't be so sure. :P

This is really great job! Do you plan to make the source code available or perhaps i can buy it? Would help me alot to see how you make some certain functions work :)

Thanks a bunch! Yeah, I’ll probably post it on the pico8 bbs once I’ve finished a small patch. 

WOW. This is by far the best demake, according to me. If only pico-8 could run well on Android...

Thanks! Currently the wrapper I’ve used doesn’t do mobile. There are those that do, but not sure I can be bothered... :)

This is the best one of the jam for sure

Oh, thanks! Happy to hear you enjoyed it!

Do you plan on putting this game in PICO-8's SPLORE mode???

Yes, I do! There are a few bits and bobs I didn't have time to fix for the Jam that I want to fix first though. But should be up there fairly soon.

Game looks great. How many worlds is this supporting?

Too bad no controller support (unless a special key remapping program is used), but thats specifics of the pico 8 platform.

Thanks! The game generates new "cave" levels endlessly. No room to do any other themes I'm afraid without going multicart which I'm not a fan of (I like scoping things down, and with unlimited space projects never finish).

Controllers should work out of the box though. I've just plugged in a USB controller and it works.

Oh I think I did not hit the right keys my bad lol. How close did you get to the 8k tokens or that is rarely an issue with pico8?

Did you use same algo for generating rooms as the original?


Making the basic engine used up around half of the tokens. Than implementing enemies and various items took the rest. In the posted version I had like 10 or so to spare. :)

Yeah, the algorithm for room placement is more or less identical.

Amazing stuff on pico8.

Quite impressive! I love Spelunky and this version is indeed a pretty cool demake. Congratulations! 


Thank you, happy to hear!

Very cool rendition of the actual game. I've never played the actual game but I'm sure it's just as hard as your game. Yes, I suck at the game.

Thanks! To be honest, the game could be a bit easier even if it is meant to be harsh. 

Hey man! Great work on this. Brings me back to when I first discovered the original Spelunky. Visuals are on point and the sounds are satisfying. Once I got used to how it played it was great! Thanks for the game!

Hay, thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!