Post jam update

Once the jam was done, there were a few things I wanted to add to the game. Biggest issue with this was that I was out of tokens and had to do some heavy optimisation but with help from the pico-8 community this was achievable. 

Mainly the game now features a way to get more health through rescuing the damsel. Another important details is that spiders now die from spikes, making them a bit more manageable. I was also able to fix a big chunk of bugs with the extra tokens left from the optimisation.


  • Additions
    • a damsel can be saved for more health
    • more tricky rooms
    • more variation in background tiles
  • Changes
    • game is now (slightly) easier in the beginning
    • multiple code changes to simplify item management and save tokens
    • spiders die when landing on spikes
  • Bug fixes
    • there can be multiple idol rooms
    • some passages on the main paths are sometimes blocked
    • auto tiling doesn't work on the bottom row on themap
    • crates and damsels doesn't spawn
    • arrow traps have trouble hitting entities right in front of them
    • getting hit while hanging on a ledge results in strange behaviour
    • the snake is not animated
    • enemies keep moving after being killed
    • bats animated incorrectly when reattaching to ceiling
    • gold tiles are not auto tiled after explosions

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