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finished every level in the demo with a blue skull! really neat game, will probably buy it when i get some more money :)

well done!

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demo was amazing

glitched the game by spamming wood… now i'm stuck in the lava but not dying (never knew I could prevent burning by building a laggy bridge)

+ overlaggy and overly pricey ancient knowledge


kinda scuffed lol


Haha! Great way of solving that one!

interesting and fun game sir, continue with the great job!!!

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so cool

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I never learned the ancient knowledge, but rope bridges work pretty well

Really cool game Music kinda reminds me of doom.

Reminds me off lemmings!






nice game!

very noice

Very cool game love the concept.

an inspired piece of work!


this game is awesome!


Holy hell this is amazing! And it was even made in PICO-8, incredible!

After the 12th level, the stages quickly begin to pick up in difficulty. Before that point it's sort of easy. It gets really frustrating >_<;

In spite of my apparent skill issue, it's still a great game to pick up and play. The bridge physics definitely have weight to it. And the player feedback of having certain parts of the bridge flash and "stress" when the design is slightly faulty is fantastic.

Also, the concept is funny. I explained it to my mom and she told me it was like a fever dream.

Good game! :-)

Great sound!! Awesome game :)

Very good game  !

The demo is good! I don't have the money for the full game, but the content of the demo was really nice and the gameplay works well!

Soo cool! I loved the pixel art :3


Thank you very much for the raspberry pi build! All the best for you and I hope your game sells like hot cakes!

Played a few levels on a pi 400. So far, so good ;)

Very fun, highly recommended.

I love it! The graphics and music are amazing, I love how the bridges bend and buckle before they break :)

Thanks! <3


you ought to have aestus in the ablative, and I'm not really sure if the historical infinitive is what you were going for even though the subject-deponent verb agreement is theoretically correct


words can't describe the wonder this game truly is, enjoy the gif


what a wonderful collapse!


When I found out you can make a bridge cheaper by using fewer solid segments with no-collide segments in the gaps, this game went from good to fantastic. It even fits the theming, you can save money by building a more dangerous bridge, but it's in hell so it makes sense that they wouldn't care lol.

thanks for the great tip!


I know it was not intended for it, however running the web version on a phone is questionable, csnt even find other materials.

Also, idk for later levels, but dangly roads (no support, curve to support itself) seams to work on at least the first level


Yes, it should not be run on a phone. It is made for mouse control.

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Hi! Can you build and publish a raspberry pi version?

Thank you!

Sure! I’m curious to know how mouse control will be handled?


with a mouse? :) Anyway the game seems to work fine with box64 on raspberry pi os, but it would be nice to have a native version. Cheers

Oh! I thought it would end up on one of these mini consoles :)

An unsupported raspberry pi version has been uploaded. Haven't been able to test it so let me know how it goes if you try it out!

Bug - The big guys will sometimes fail to collide (sometimes partially) through bridges


Thanks, it’s a known issue. It’s due to wheels being smaller than the velocity. Usually it can be worked around. 


Being able to turn off the music without impacting other sounds is a must. For me it's an accessibility issue. Please add this. Also, please add an alternate, readable font.


Hey there, thanks for the feedback. Just added the option to mute music only in 1.2. Access it by opening the options with ENTER.

funky game i like it

I like the demo, It is kind of like poly bridge but with skrunglys

Is it possible to legally marry a video game?

Nice to see games made with Pico!


you’ll have to check with your local sheriff. :D

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Love the game! How the heck do you get past level 24: Unstable Ramps, though? Going over the explosions puts you at budget just for the bridge surface with no supports, and connecting to the explosions demolishes your connection


There's a way! Here's a spoiler gif:

Oh my gosh! Thank you!

Any chance you can make the p8.png available?  I would like to play this on my PSVita using fake-08, to play it on a portable.

Probably not I’m afraid as that would mean shipping the source code too. Also, how would you solve the mouse support? Is there a workaround for that in fake-08?


Spent the night playing this with my family and everyone loved the extra challenges like being Resourceful. Lots of fun—thanks for making this!


Thanks for playing! Always happy to hear when a game is playable by the whole family. 


This looks amazing, congratulations on the release! I had a lot of fun playing Pontifex / Bridge Constructor as a kid, so I’m super tempted to give this a go :)


Thanks! Would love to hear how it stacks up against those classics :D


Just got my hands on it… but first of all Congratz @johanpeitz, the game is extremely polished and it has a superb quality finish.

@vavmusicmagic my congratz extend to you as well, sfx/music fits the game and raises the bar of the overall experience.

Gameplay is fun, dialogs are on point and the general looks of the game scream “MASTERPIECE”. Still needing to put some more time on the game (went through a few levels so far to get an initial feeling of it) but I am quite sure this is goint to be great fun!

Glad I can contribute buying this to your dedication to bring joy with these creations guys!


Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m really happy you’re enjoying the game! I’ve put a lot of effort into the last bits of polish so I’m also relieved that it shows! :D


thanks, carlos!  value your opinion greatly, and happy i seemed to have hit the mark again somehow

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