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didn’t this used to be free?

nope, but I sometimes have a demo up

baught this to play it on my lil handheld console. but cant find a .p8 file.. is their a reason? you released your other games in cart form.

Never uploaded the cart due to the fact that the game is mouse/keyboard control. Not playable with just dpad and buttons I'm afraid

cursed collision ends in broken menu items where you fail and succeed at the same time, allowing for extra menu item to appear allowing you to gif in the workspace


When will we see dlc/sequel? Need moar 10/10 hell bridge game plz 


glad you like it! I’m more into making new games than continuing on old ones, did you check out my other stuff?


Bridge game  is not the only game in this universe?! And even newer games yet to come?! Unending growth! I will most definitely check out your other projects my dude!

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Discovered a glitch where at enough speed you can clip past road...

After it happens, nothing changes about the bridge, still structurally sound.


yeah, there are some limitations to the physics engine. Hence the name of that level - terminal velocity! :)

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so fun. good job!

thanks, glad you like it!


do you need to have the pico8 to play?

nope, this game is standalone!

was this made in pico8?


yes, that is correct



just commenting to commit to buying this when i’m money-safe


Hey dude, I just want to say that I love your game. I was curious if you'd be interested in porting it over to the Atari VCS? If you're interested, I could give you more information and get you in contact with a few people at Atari.

Hi there, glad to hear you like it!
Not interested in doing any porting atm, but thanks!


any chance you'll do that sale again? By the time I finally decided to get it, little demons rose from the depths and carried away the numbers and then laughed at me...

Not sure when, but there’ll be a sale every now and then



how do i play the demo?

nvm i bought the game

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Amazing game, it’s both silly and complex and I love it ^^

Close to getting blue skull on every level, in the meantime enjoy this fun one :D



Hentai sucks, play hellgineers


Hi mate, I'm absolutely loving this so far. Im about 15 in! The only thing I'd mention is I'm having real trouble with the move node command. I don't have my mouse handy, so I'm using the track pad. Dont know if that's a problem, but it's very rare that i can get it to work. I basically just have to delete a node if it's in the wrong place.

Thanks, glad to hear you like it!

The move node is a bit finicky because nodes are stuck to bridge segments who can't exceed their max length. So if a node is sent between segments that are already at max length, it becomes very hard to move. This was discovered a bit late in the process and unfortunately I couldn't really do anything about it. In retrospect I should probably have cut the feature and just relied on deletion.

Ah, I see! Gotcha. Thank you for the explanation. No problem at all. I'll stop trying to use it, haha. 

I'd love to know a little bit more about the physics behind it, do you have a write up or anything? I can see how the gravity/ stability works for example but it would be cool to know about what dictates the chord/ rope breaking force. Do you calculate tension or is it more of an impact force?

Sure! Basically I add up how much all connecting segments wants to move a node. Then as a specific threshold it breaks. :)

Nice, I've got you :D Very inspiring, I'd like to try my hand at something similar. Thanks again, and congrats on the release.

Thanks! Verlet integration is really fun to work with. Very straight forward and the results are always entertaining. :D
Here what I based my original code on --


Imagine using hydraulics       



Great game!



This games great!, just finished all the levels (need to go back and get perfect scores on some of them).  I really loved the ghost ones, here's a cool swing I made.

Only thing I would say is that it would be nice to be able to save level designs.


Great solution to that one!
You can save constructions: Hit the copy button after completing a level and then paste into a document.
Then copy paste back into the editor when needed. A bit cumbersome, but it works...

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