Hellgineers is out!

Happy to announce that my latest game - Hellgineers - is now out on itch! 

Help the minions of the underworld across bubbling pools of lava with rickety bridges and non-regulated constructions. Will you go for the easiest route, or test your skills and aim for the coveted skulls? Return to completed challenges to perfect your builds!

Hellgineers is a content packed game made in PICO-8 with hours of gameplay. Get max rank on all the challenges, or just relax and play around with the fun physics and quirky characters.


  • Try your best at 40 challenges of increasing difficulty
  • Enjoy easy to use building editor
  • Use different materials ranging from roads to hydraulics
  • Optimise your builds to get the highest rank on each level
  • Record and share gifs of failure and success
  • Find your flow to chiptune soundtrack and sound effects


Hellgineers 1.0, Windows 999 kB
Mar 21, 2023
Hellgineers 1.0, Mac 3 MB
Mar 21, 2023
Hellgineers 1.0, Linux 757 kB
Mar 21, 2023

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