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great game, would like to see more of this

I've gotten all the powers, how do I end the game

you gotta find core

Search near the first upgrade 

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Loved it!  It's so awesome to accidentally come across a game by an Allegro legend.

Edit: 5:49 with 8/8 is the best I could do for now


Good old times, eh? Glad you liked the game!

For sure.  I hope you've been doing well Johan.

ive only found 6 at 7:34. 

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Beautiful little experience. Well done.


Very very good


i really enjoyed this game and started speedrunning it, but i noticed the timer is very inaccurate? i beat the game with a 3:16 in-game time, and in real time it was 3:57. but on another run i beat the game slower in real time, but got a 3:10 in-game time. i highly doubt you'd want to come back to this game and update it again, but i really like the game and think the speedrun is very fun. but right now the in-game timer is just not very useful for determining the run's time unfortunately


I understood nothing but it's a good metroidvania

amazing game and love that it teaches you how

 the game works


Wow, amazing game! Well done! Got swept away from the start. Enjoyed every minute. Amazing how much that can told and experienced with so little. Hats off!


I would love to see this ported to PlayDate


Nice Hulk Game Hulk/10

Absolutely love this game!


Masterpiece. Welldone


Games made on Pico8 always amaze me because of the huge restrictions they have but they can still create quite atmospheric scenes.

As for the controls, it feels quite good, it's just to get used to the grips and when to lunge, but the save point system means that even mistakes don't cost too much, which is fine for a short experience like this.

Without a doubt, it is a curious metroidvania in which we have to explore and understand what the abilities we receive are while our character stops being more and more human to save what is left of that destroyed world.


The game got featured on my very underground blog for very underground games.

Ascent is a damn well made little game. The gameplay is good, the story atmospheric, and the pixelart, colordesign, music and usage of the graphical effects is quite striking. If you give it a shot, the game will give you some dense, satisfying, and atmospheric thirty minutes.

Well done!




6/8 damn (can't find the other two, sadly)


I was doing some research on metroidvania map designs as a game designer, and found this game the most unique. it does alot with really less resources (after all it was made for a jam). I would appreciate you alot for this. Keep the good work going Bro. Good luck and may you have a happy new year. 


thank you! You too

Beautiful tiny game! Enjoyed every minute of it. The art, animations, and music as well as the gameplay are just smooth and are playing very well together. Very inspiring. I just made a tiny Metroidvania (for the Playdate) myself within 2 weeks. I think small projects like yours are just as impactful as big ones. Keep it up! :)

My nephew and I had so much fun!

happy to hear that!

wonderful metroidvania. The themes of becoming one with nature great

Such a fun game! I love the music, low-res sprites (their beautiful), animations... The game mechanics are great, and I enjoy playing this game on my RG351V handheld. Awesome work!


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First, I absolutely loved your game!!! Congrats for this little joy!
One funny thing... I could not finish it because I got stuck not being able to move in any direction, or dash... and pushed by the wind into the wall's corner... How lucky am I?
Found the only possible bug? :/


great game is there going to a sequel


Im stuck on the part just past the 3 blobs in a row




In this area (and possibly others, but I managed to reproduce here twice) it is possible to dash just a teeny-tiny bit too late, the spike(?)death sound plays and your character miraculously hangs onto the side of the column. You are puzzled for a second, as to what just happened, but then shrug, jump up on the column and... collapse instantly.

It's a most amusing bug, I laughed so hard! :D

Wonderful game, the last challenge reminded me of the mountaintop of Celeste, rather unforgiving. <3

gad deem


Great game! Saved 7/8 spirits :)

Low low low poly game!

Really great game, I love the mechanics.


Was the "Our Journey Continues Together" a cliffhanger for something?

I think it's just "No one get's behind"

A very interesting game :)
Please, will you share the p8 file too ?
We need it to play on TV with the Pico8 Engine. I can't play your game if you pack it for an OS. On Batocera we launch the p8 file with emulationstation.

Thanks a lot

It's on " SPLORE" (on PICO-8)


Splore ?
Is it the market of pico 8 ?
For my part i love to have all my games listed in emulationstation, with screenshot title shot, video preview, description, to choose what i want to play etc ... Really if you can shere here a p8 file it will be the best way for many users. Thanks a lot

If it's on "SPLORE" then it should be on

Ok ok sorry now i understand better, thanks a lot :)

Really very nice. :)

super fun game! went back and found all the crystals.

love the platforming and movement mechanics! totally unique and i could see a whole adventure with these (:

Everything about it is brilliant: the level design, progression, gfx (gorgeous), music - EVERYTHING! 🤩

Just the right amount of "ARGH how I do- OH, that's how!" 😅
Loved the backstory too - kinda reminded me of "The Dig" (LucasArts adventure game)

Sadly, I missed one spirit (heck knows where that blokey was - but close enough!)
All the best with the jam - you deserve ALL the points! 👏


figured out how to get out of bounds (: hehe


Nice one!


Beautiful, short (in a good way), fun.



Nice map design and game loop from power up to power up. Not once did I end up roaming around without knowing where to go next. Was a fun 10 minute run. Well done.


really fun over all! although their are some points at the edge of the map where it's not clear you are about to fall into nothing, and their are some jumps that seem a bit too unfair (that i had to come into these comments to find out the right way to do)

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