Crashed on a desolate but mysterious planet you find yourself eye to eye with an ancient civilisation. Explore the planet, find powerful upgrades, and uncover its secrets.


move -  ⬅️➡️
jump - ⓩ 
climb ladders - ⬆️⬇️
special moves -  ❎ / ⓩ


Created during LowResJam 2022

Design/Art/Code: Johan Peitz (@johanpeitz
Music/Sound: Vav (@VAVMUSICMAGIC)

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(181 total ratings)
AuthorJohan Peitz
Made withAseprite, PICO-8
TagsLo-fi, LOWREZJAM, Metroidvania, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen


Ascent - Windows 996 kB
Ascent - MacOS 3 MB
Ascent - Linux 756 kB

Development log


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5:14 8/8

4:46 now :)

4:37 now idk if sub 4:30 is possible but imma try

4:30 with one (unnessesary) death so its possible

Keep it up!


Phenomenal game

nice game!

great game indeed!

Great game! I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but you can dash while diving, jump while dashing on the ground and dive while dashing in the air. After dashing while diving, you still can't move horizontally until your dash ends, and a similar thing happens when you dive while dashing, but you start falling during the dash. The most interesting part is what happens when you jump while dashing on the ground. Usually, it results in a longer jump where you get stopped after the dash ends (kind of like the super in Celeste, if you know that game), but when you jump during coyote time, you start moving upwards at a 45 degree angle until the dash ends (baisically a diagonal dash). In both cases the distance is practically the same as when dashing, but the coyote time diagonal dash thing can be used in the blue section to access a room with an 8 made out of red blocks.

Great game! I was having a lot of fun and then I got soft locked in the wind! Definitely gonna replay it to find everything! 

My favorite Pico-8 game. Highly recommended.

The red bugs in the end killed me randomly while dashing so I wasn't sure if I was messing it up or not but it turns out it was just a bug ... little annoying it took me 5 minutes to get past those 3  bugs at the end but loved the game overall 8/10 experience, PS: Controls like jumping dashing (xc) made my hands hurt in the end .. I would say space shift for more ergonomic inputs


The red bug bug is strange, I've never heard of it before. Also, the Z/C and X/V controls are the controls for the PICO-8 virtual console or whatever it was called (baisically a game engine), so as far as I know they can't be changed.

Absolutely lovely!

I love this game. I would love to see it ported to the Playdate.

GG, great game

i found a weird 8 room


8/8 this was a great game. Since the console is so small also low res, I liked the map design and how this little map's layout seemed like it is big but it isn't. Pretty good Metroidvania  that is.

Happy to hear, glad you enjoyed it!

8/8 ... like how the controls need to be mastered over the time


I made a video on this game (43:21)

Cute and short :D

amazing game! but i didn't find 3 spirits(

Nice game! Like the atmosphere and level design. Got 8/8 spirits in 22:33.

That's such a cute game! I love it! The only problem is, that I can't get anywehre, because the jump isn't high enough.


There are other ways :)

Thank you. I now found a way.


5.52  8/8 I am so happyyyyyyy

well done!

thanks you

very nice. it works well.

Please give me the .p8 file

love it

(1 edit)

I got it with 6:27 with 8 spirits. Not to brag, but…


Nice game! But it took me 25:19 to pass the level...


I can't believe this was made on such a tiny console with such a tiny resolution in such a short period of time. This is insane. Please do tell how many hours you spent on it??

Everything from the dialog boxes, to the level deign, to the powers, it's a feet of something that's minimalist but has a lot of depth.


it’s an estimate but somewhere btw 20-30 hrs?


Is the game going to get a download for iOS and android?

not planned at the moment

ok! Love it if you do tho. Thx!

ok now ive found 6. 


update! Found all of them!


good job! 



does anyone know where the other 3 spirits are? I've only found 5.


Great pace and story, really enjoyed this game-

nice game

(2 edits)

Its a great game! Love it! Wish that the gravity control had its own button. Found myself mashing O and it messed with the game a bit, so don’t mash. The game is really small, and i would of liked the ending to be the guy to fly off in his fixed spaceship, but that said, i really liked the game, and my final time was 7:34. 


I like it. It's crazy how much can be conveyed with very few pixels.

pretty cool little gq;e/ i like the color ramp on the leavs and the fade when dying. simple but fun platforming. The track is also pretty nice!

I see some Cavernas in there! I’m working on tranquil tunnels, and I’m seeing some tiles in the game that would be amazing to include in there for the community to use.

Would you be willing to release the beautiful tileset used under CC0 or CC-BY?


This has to be my favorite PICO-8 game so far! Fantastic work, as always! I enjoyed the puzzles, built-in mini tutorials after each power-up, and the smoothness of the game mechanics. Fun story combined with beautiful low-res sprites made this a delight to play!


Thanks Matt, appreciate it!


This is a bite-sized metroidvania. It felt amazing to play! I loved every second of it!


It was good. In a couple of moments I got lost and could not find a new way, but it was interesting.

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