Cosmic Collapse is out!

After a few weeks of intense development, Cosmic Collapse is launched! Enjoy a relaxing but addictive puzzle experience matching planets and watching them collapse in satisfying chains. 

If you wanted to play Suika Game but with crisp pixel art and a sweet chip tune soundtrack, now is your chance. I've also added combo chain scoring and a power up for the destructively inclined.

Celebrating the launch with 25% off for the rest of the week!

Hope you'll like the game,


Cosmic Collapse 1.1 (Windows) 989 kB
40 days ago
Cosmic Collapse 1.1 (Mac) 3 MB
40 days ago
Cosmic Collapse 1.1 (Linux) 748 kB
40 days ago
Cosmic Collapse 1.1 (PICO-8 cart) 27 kB
40 days ago

Get Cosmic Collapse, a suika-like

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