Cosmic Collapse makes it to iOS

Cosmic Collapse just went live on the iOS App Store!

I had to call it Cosmic Combo though, because the original name was taken. Still the same fun planet popping pixel perfect experience!

Grab it here:

The game plays wonderfully on device, hope you'll like it too!


Get Cosmic Collapse, a suika-like

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Love this game, makes me wish I had an iPhone for the first time in 10 years now! I would play this all day on my phone, I would love it on Android! I look forward to checking out your other games too.

Very cool! Plays great! Is there an Android version yet/will there be?

Also, did you have to port the game to a different language, or is it still PICO-8 under the hood?


Glad you like it! Will try to look at Android if there is enough interest in the iOS version. 

The main code is still the exact same lua Pico 8 code, but instead run on top of a framework I’ve made in love2D, which in turn can be ported to ios


Plays great: loving it! Idk if this could be in the cards in the future but Game Center high scores would be awesome.