Cosmic Collapse updated! (1.2.1)

Totally floored by the great reception of Cosmic Collapse! 
Thank you so much everyone who bought the game - I really appreciate it and you have my warmest thanks! <3

Something else I didn't expect was how good some players would be and totally smashing the scoring system to the point of breaking the game! Therefore I've fixed a few things, made some updates, and added some new stuff.

Notable updates:

  • Game doesn't award infinite missiles when getting more than 32k points
  • Added a new celestial body for merging two [REDACTED]
  • Missiles are now harder to earn post 4k points making
  • Big scores fits in the UI

Hope you'll enjoy the updates, let me know what you think!

/ Johan

Full 1.2.1 changelog:
  • added medium sized font to make big scores fit
  • added ability to use additional keys to play (player 2 keys)
  • added ability to reset highscore (hold up + down + z at title)
  • added ability to see if highscore is achieved with current game version
  • added game version to title and game screens
  • added [REDACTED] after [REDACTED]
  • changed how often missiles are earned post 4000 pts
  • fixed missiles overflowing the ui
  • fixed scores > 32k messing up the game


Cosmic Collapse 1.2.1 (Windows) 990 kB
37 days ago
Cosmic Collapse 1.2.1 (Mac) 3 MB
37 days ago
Cosmic Collapse 1.2.1 (Linux) 748 kB
37 days ago
Cosmic Collapse 1.2.1 (PICO-8 cart) 28 kB
37 days ago

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