picoSYNTH - out now

I had a lot of fun making picoSYNTH. It actually started out just as an experiment with cable physics, but it quickly grew out of hand and suddenly I had a full signal simulation going on. 

Anyway, place equipment and wire it up with cables and listen to the outcome. You can do anything from simple beats to full scale songs. Hope you'll like it - enjoy!


picoSYNTH 1.1 (Windows) 996 kB
Dec 17, 2022
picoSYNTH 1.1 (Mac) 3 MB
Dec 17, 2022
picoSYNTH 1.1 (Linux) 757 kB
Dec 17, 2022

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Hi Johan and Thank You for picoSynth!  Might it be possible to request a white noise oscillator voice?   (and/or a simple way to shape percussive voices).  Thanks!

(Sorry!  I just found the Noise voice).  On a Macbook running OSX 10.12.6 the Pico knobs are a challenge to grab and adjust.  Regardless: I love picoSynth.

when I boot this in Windows it just says "This can't run on your PC - please contract publisher for a compatible version" 

Make sure you run in admin mode! You might also have to try some different compatibility settings depending on your set up:

crashes on my mac :(

Ow, that's odd. Haven't heard that before. When does it happen?

On startup, the screen goes black, then briefly red and then I see a crash report. I'm on a 2019 Macbook Pro.  The crash report is probably a bit long to post here?

Ok, that's the first report of something like that. Will probably take some time to investigate.

sadly won't open on Mac.

What problem are you having? I’m running Mac myself and know many others that it is working for. Are you getting any error messages?

App can't be opened because it's from a non verified developer. Oh, and now for the first time ever it came up with the open it anyway option. we're good to go, cheers.

glad it worked out!

I predict that in 10 years there is a high chance that you will make a whole game engine in pico 8 or picotron

This is amazing. I really like the style of this and how it works.

Thanks. Glad to  hear you like  it!