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picoSYNTH update!

The reception of picoSYNTH has been way more enthusiastic than I could have hoped for. Thank you so much everyone for trying it out and sending feedback. I’m very excited but this! :D

This small update brings both new functionality as well as a few minor fixes. Enjoy!

Change log

  • added effects box
  • added note pitch to screen box
  • added shortcut for toggling all toggles (cmd+t)
  • added adaptive cable composition to allow for more cables at high load
  • changed switch example to be more informative


picoSYNTH 1.2 (Windows) 997 kB
Jan 07, 2023
picoSYNTH 1.2 (Mac) 3 MB
Jan 07, 2023
picoSYNTH 1.2 (Linux) 758 kB
Jan 07, 2023
Manual 1.2 (pdf) 66 kB
Jan 07, 2023

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