picoCAD 1.0.1 available

First off, thank you so much for the positive reception of picoCAD. I couldn't have imagined a better launch. I fall asleep every night with a smile on my face having browsed the never ending stream of lo-fi models. Thanks! <3

Updated version today addresses a handful of bugs, and adds the much awaited export tool making it possible to export from picoCAD and into something else like Blender or Unity. I hope you find it useful!

Please find the new version on the project page. If you like picoCAD and find it useful, please consider donating - thanks! 

1.0.1 changes:

  • picoCAD
    • Added ability to disable snap to grid when moving vertices and meshes (for real this time)
    • Added title to window
    • Changed GIF save name to use project name (eg banana_0.gif)
    • Removed outdated reference to desktop when saving gif
    • Removed p8l export from main application
    • Fixed model being wiped when reaching end of undo buffer
    • Fixed faces occasionally being highlighted during gif export
    • Fixed rotation via menu rotating around the wrong axis in some cases
  • toolbox
    • Added functionality to export obj, mtl, png
    • Added functionality to export p8l
    • Added functionality to export png


picocad-101.zip (main application) 5 MB
Mar 05, 2021
toolbox.zip (export tools) 5 MB
Mar 05, 2021
MANUAL-picoCAD.pdf (documentation) 375 kB
Mar 05, 2021

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