Community resources

I just added a bunch of community resources to the picoCAD page here on itch. Everything from accessible get-going tutorials to exporters and converters, to more advanced tools to manipulate picoCAD models outside of picoCAD.

I hope you will find them useful!
/ johan

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I am very interested in your project, but I cannot buy it because paypal is not available in my country (and in the countries of my friends from whom I asked to buy me picoCAD). I do not know what to do and how to transfer money to you to get picoCAD, whether I can pay for the service in another way.

send me a DM on twitter or discord!

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dezomorfen - discord (I am on the Apskeppet server)

Can "picoCAD to Blender tool" be made free? i saw a cool model made in picoCAD and i really wanted it as an OBJ but tool for this comes only with picoCAD itself... for 6 USD. I can't get any money on cause paypal is blocked here and i have no interest in pirating picoCAD, i just want to port .txt to OBJ. Thanks.

easiest to ask someone on the discord!

that's an idea, thanks!

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Will gltf format exporting be supported?

Hi, not in this version of picoCAD. However I’m sure there are other tools that can export from obj/mtl to gtlf 

Although I understand the switch to a new model, what I don't understand is adding a paywall to the older free versions of the soft as well.

That's because of how itch works. If you've never paid for a previous version, you end up on the other side.

Makes sense.


wasn't picocad free?


wasnt this free?


Hello, I hope you are well. I used to use PicoCAD for fun, it was free back then, wow, it's been a long time. I don't have picoCAD now but had a good time. thank you, good luck

Thanks! <3


Awesome! Thanks!

You’re welcome! It was long overdue! :)