picoCAD updated to 1.0.2

After a long time in testing, picoCAD has finally received an update! Main new feature is the ability to scale meshes, which is super handy. Looking forward to see this bring new ideas to life.

Changes 1.0.2


  • Added ability to scale mesh (Y/U)
  • Added ability to disable snap when editing UVs (hold Z)
  • Added easter egg
  • Renamed “Render 1st” to “Draw Behind”
  • Tweaked spin speed in 3D view to be a bit slower
  • Removed window title
  • Removed inability to show primitive menu in 3D view
  • Fixed model being wiped on undo when memory consumption has emptied undo buffer
  • Fixed shading thresholds for color and texture not matching
  • Fixed dithered shading not lining up between textured and colored faces
  • Fixed pause menu appearing on some systems on pressing enter when saving a project under new name
  • Fixed files sometimes not accepted when dragged onto the application


  • Fixed exported OBJs being mirrored
  • Fixed trying to load non picoCAD projects leading to a crash

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I thought this software was free? at least it was last time i used it.


It used to be pay-what-you-want. Since December I am experimenting with other models.

ah i see I dont mind paying as its great software and well worth the small price you are asking if not more :) was just curious for the sudden change

Thanks! Appreciate it

hi, after dload i coudnt open the Windows version,help?

hi! Are you running in administrator mode? Have you unzipped the full archive and not only the exe?

Hi Johan, after unzip filer, i got only __MACOSX folder, inside there are picocad-102.bin folder, toolbox-102.bin folder,'._picocad-102.bin file' and '._toolbox-102.bin' file. Inside 'picocad-102.bin folder,' there are examples folder, linux folder, mac folder & windows folder. Insside Windows folder there are ._config.txt, ._data.pod,._picocad.exe and ._SDL2.dll. After i double click _picocad.exe i get a prompt :"This App can;t run on your PC". To find a version of you PC, please check with you publisher"

Once you unzipped the archive, you should have more folders than the _MACOS folder. There should also (for instance) be a windows folder with the files for Windows in it. If you don't have those folder something probably went wrong when you unzipped the archive. 

Hi Johan, im a new Window user migrated from MacOs, after created a folder and extract the zip file inside the folder i can see the folders for Windows and it works now, thank you





It’s been free for more than a year. Time to try out something new. 

At least make older versions free, that way someone who wants a more advanced version can just pay


We'll see what model ends up effective. Trying to balance both growth, accessibility, and revenue is tricky!


Yes, I'm also wondering the same thing. Whats with the bait and switch?