picoCAD updated to 1.0.2

After a long time in testing, picoCAD has finally received an update! Main new feature is the ability to scale meshes, which is super handy. Looking forward to see this bring new ideas to life.

Changes 1.0.2


  • Added ability to scale mesh (Y/U)
  • Added ability to disable snap when editing UVs (hold Z)
  • Added easter egg
  • Renamed “Render 1st” to “Draw Behind”
  • Tweaked spin speed in 3D view to be a bit slower
  • Removed window title
  • Removed inability to show primitive menu in 3D view
  • Fixed model being wiped on undo when memory consumption has emptied undo buffer
  • Fixed shading thresholds for color and texture not matching
  • Fixed dithered shading not lining up between textured and colored faces
  • Fixed pause menu appearing on some systems on pressing enter when saving a project under new name
  • Fixed files sometimes not accepted when dragged onto the application


  • Fixed exported OBJs being mirrored
  • Fixed trying to load non picoCAD projects leading to a crash

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I often get an error when exporting as obj. Any idea how to fix it please? Sometimes it works fine, most times it gives the following error on any model (my models are very simple geometry)...

That's really odd. Haven't heard about it before.
Do you have the possibility to log on to discord, and send me the file there?

The file you pasted got the formatting wrong when put on itch. Can you put the contents of the file on pastebin.com instead?

Thank you - sure, here's the link to pastebin....

Cool. Looks like there is something weird with the geometry on the upper half of the missile. Look here: https://ibb.co/JFkNQyb
I believe it is due to the top vertices being collapsed into a single point, that causing it. That causes both the renderer to mess up the normals for the backface culling and then the exporter probably chokes on the top surface of the hexagon being reduced to a single point. 

To fix it, redo the top half of the missile and remove the top face before merging the vertices. Then set all sides as "dbl-sided" and thy will render correctly. 
Good luck!

Ah, that probably explains it. Thanks for looking into it. All my models merge into a single point (missile, bullet, cone). They did eventually process with the toolkit somehow - but I'll make sure to take the extra steps to remove the top face prior to merging the points and to double-side the adjoining faces - hopefully that fixes it. Thank you!

do you still need pico-8 to use it or is it a standalone application?

It's a standalone application!


It's great! Only issue I have is that when I press "X" (to select multiple verts), I can not click when a key is pressed. Any chance you can fix it - or add a key-press to simulate the mouse-click please?

Fixed it!

There's an entire history of problems with synaptic drivers - one of their updates decided to disable mouse-clicks for 3 seconds after any key is been pressed.

After reading through forum suggestions, I installed tp_Synaptics_v19_3_4_193__C__x64__Win7_Win8_Win81_Win10__Signed__msi_19.3.4.193_0x38d51817
and it fixed the problem.

Good to know if anyone else encounters the same problem - it'll be a problem for any PicoCad users who have an MSI/Dell/Lenovo etc laptop and like to keep their touchpad drivers up-to-date.

Oh, thanks for finding this! Glad it worked out!

Thank you - love it. Great software, congrats!

why it became paid???


the pay-what-you-want mode didn’t work anymore so I decided to try something else


remember getting this app  and enjoing it a lot. now, when my computers motherboard died and i moved to another one, suddenly, picoCAD became fully paid. its not like i'm angry about it, but now, in russia, there is litteraly no way i can paid for this. its too good to not have it. now i'm sad ):


this is why these things existUSB flash drive - Wikipedia

Consider returning with a free option at some time, here in Brazil even 5 dollars can be quite costy (if you're unemployed). :(

There's definitely going to be sales in the future. Stay tuned!

Does this have pico-8 32 color support?
If no, can you add 32 color support?

Hi, picoCAD only supports the original 16 pico8 colors. I’m out of tokens and everything else to be able to add it I’m afraid 

ok thanks.

I thought this software was free? at least it was last time i used it.


It used to be pay-what-you-want. Since December I am experimenting with other models.

ah i see I dont mind paying as its great software and well worth the small price you are asking if not more :) was just curious for the sudden change

Thanks! Appreciate it

hi, after dload i coudnt open the Windows version,help?

hi! Are you running in administrator mode? Have you unzipped the full archive and not only the exe?

Hi Johan, after unzip filer, i got only __MACOSX folder, inside there are picocad-102.bin folder, toolbox-102.bin folder,'._picocad-102.bin file' and '._toolbox-102.bin' file. Inside 'picocad-102.bin folder,' there are examples folder, linux folder, mac folder & windows folder. Insside Windows folder there are ._config.txt, ._data.pod,._picocad.exe and ._SDL2.dll. After i double click _picocad.exe i get a prompt :"This App can;t run on your PC". To find a version of you PC, please check with you publisher"

Once you unzipped the archive, you should have more folders than the _MACOS folder. There should also (for instance) be a windows folder with the files for Windows in it. If you don't have those folder something probably went wrong when you unzipped the archive. 

Hi Johan, im a new Window user migrated from MacOs, after created a folder and extract the zip file inside the folder i can see the folders for Windows and it works now, thank you





It’s been free for more than a year. Time to try out something new. 


At least make older versions free, that way someone who wants a more advanced version can just pay


We'll see what model ends up effective. Trying to balance both growth, accessibility, and revenue is tricky!


Yes, I'm also wondering the same thing. Whats with the bait and switch?

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Dude it's 4,95 USD. I Don't see the "bait and switch". 


I think you don't make sense. Pico cad was original free, it was changed and now it is paid. He can charge for it. I was just saying it's not very cool to make a change like that and not allow old versions to be downloaded. Simple.


the early bird catches the worm,  making games wont pay for itself, johan needs to make a living somehow


besides there isnt much difference between 101 & 102, thats like asking mojang to make 1.19 free since 1.20 is out


Dumb take. Minecraft survival was never free to begin with. It would however completely make sense if Minecraft 1.19 used to be free (which it never was).